The Southampton University Ballroom and Latin Dance Society is based at the University of Southampton and run weekly dance classes taught by professional teachers. If you have never danced before then come along to our beginner lessons on Mondays and learn to dance in a great social atmosphere! We welcome people of all standards, although most of our members have never danced before. It’s amazing how good you can get during your time at University!

Team Southampton at Southampton Friendly 2014 – photo credit to Richard Pelmore

New beginner classes start at the beginning of each semester (Oct and Feb), although you can join in at any time. You don’t need to come along with a partner; you’ll find plenty of people to dance with when you get here! We also hold more advanced classes on Wednesdays for people who’ve been dancing for longer.

Throughout the year we also take part in competitions on the university circuit, in addition to our social classes. People who want to compete get to do so in a really friendly environment, meeting lots of dancers from other universities and even getting the opportunity to compete in the Winter Gardens ballroom in Blackpool.

Our classes are also open to alumni and staff members of the University of Southampton and also members of the public, the only requirement is that you are a member of our students union (SUSU) which can be arranged if you are not already.


Why not give it a try, learn something new and meet some great new friends!